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Kasra International Trading Group invites investors to participate in various field of business investments. 

Therefore, investors who are willing to cooperate can declare their investment conditions in order to make their

proposals depending on their areas of interest including for those who need the investor to announce the items,

if any, at the field of their interested investment.

Below is a list of some areas of investment

1- Construction projects:

Country-level projects in the areas of road construction, railways, energy and other issues requiring a large

volume of capital and a shortage of state resources, require private sector investment; either repaying them

from project revenue or in form of a long-term repayment in the terms of parties agreement.

2- Commercial projects:

Business projects that are conducted at the domestic and foreign levels will have short-term profitability no

matter the type nor the amount of contracts.

For example, buying and selling scrap metals from countries and exporting them to Turkey,

Supplying sulfur, urea, oil and petrochemicals from Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan.

3. Tourism:

The tourism industry is one of the best investment fields and given the fact that Iran has many tourist

attractions in historical places, beautiful sceneries in nature and colorful cultures, but there is a lack of facilities.

Therefore, profitable investments could be made in this sector.

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