KASRA International Trading Group

Having the advantage of well-trained staff and specialists, we serve as an

international trading and service providing firm in different sectors with

specialized departments. We primarily aim at providing our customers with

the novel and workable (business) methods in a totally professional and

specialized way.

Our well-rounded managerial staff, who are now collaborating with their

business partners in such trade activities as the import and export of all types

of petroleum and petrochemical products, steel, building materials and

foodstuff through our regional representatives and joint business offices in

Asia, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet

Union, especially Turkmenistan), are willing, able and ready to handle orders

for raw materials, machinery, consultancy and commercial services from

clients from all over the world.

In the course of our routine business activities we avail the experiences of

numerous well-trained experts from different sectors, who provide an

appropriate communication link in order to facilitate the business processes.

Visions & Objectives:

- To offer best solutions based on the customers' demands.

- To produce and market standardized products using the most recent


- To render reliable and quality goods and services with the competitive


- To build a crystal-clear business relationship with the trade partners.

- To enhance technical know-how and expand its market outreach through

building reciprocal business relationship with the prospective partners.

- To diversify into new service sectors of the global market.









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