Kasra International Trading Group is registered member of the stock exchange and able to supply the stock

products offered for domestic consumption or export.

The respected buyers who intend to purchase the product from Iran will be able to have an agreement to

purchase their products through our company at a minimum price.

Participating and cooperating with us in the stock market:

1- Participation procedures as follows:

- The contract between buyer and our company is signed.

- The buyer pays the performance guarantee amount directly to the securities broker.

- According to the announced price of the stock exchange and agreed with the buyer, the price is determined

and submitted to the broker for participation in the auction of the stock exchange.

- In case of winning the auction, the purchase order is made for the buyer.

- The buyer's payments are made directly to the stockbroker and the refinery.

- The product will be shipped to the destination after confirmation of purchase. Moreover, our company can act

as a consultant.

2- Direct purchase from Stock exchange and sold to buyers:

Our company will purchase some of the products, such as bitumen, which presented on the stock exchange and

sold in the domestic or foreign market.

The procedure as follows:

- The purchasing contract between buyer and our company is signed.

- The product will be bought by our company from the stock exchange and will be delivered in the terms of


- There will be 20% advance payment and 80% before loading, after copy of export documents presented.

- For the convenience of foreign buyers, we can make the necessary arrangements of payment in other countries.





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